The Company was started by four co-founders (Samson Abioye, Abayomi Akanji, Joshua Adebagbo and Oluyemi Imole) back in the University (Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso), but became a full-fledged company starting operations in January 2015.

Briefly Give A Description Of Yourself.

My name is Oluyemi Imole, Co-founder & Head of Product Design at I am an unrepentant entrepreneur who sees entrepreneurship as a powerful tool in the hand of youths with which we can solve a lot of Africa’s problems.

A graduate of Computer Science and Engineering from the prestigious Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. My Passion for design, technology, education and entrepreneurship drove me to establish my first company and publish my first book while still an undergraduate.

Growing up was quite challenging for me as I lived in almost all the south-western Nigerian states. I was however lucky to have great parents and good friends all along; example is my Role-model and friend, Samson Abioye (Co-founder and CEO of PASS.NG).

Finding time to inspire and mentor youths and Teenagers in leadership and Entrepreneurship brings me lots of fulfilment.

Kindly Give An Overview Of Your Company And The Milestones That Have Been Achieved So Far. is an exam preparation and testing platform that helps student prepare for Nigeria’s most important examination right from the comfort of their mobile device or computer. It provides candidates with mock questions, answers, analytical solutions, an opportunity to simulate the exam electronically, compete with fellow exam mates, track their progress and be the best.

We got accepted into an accelerator program called 440NG in late 2014 and its been an interesting adventure ever since. As at now, we have had about 300,000 users on our platform (Mobile, web & Desktop). We have about 13 team members and almost 50 seasoned tutors who work with us remotely from all across the nation.

As for Laurels, we were winners of the Airtel Catapult-a-startup, MTN Entrepreneurship Challenge, West African Mobile Awards 2016, Top 20 brands in Nigeria 2016 e.t.c. We have had partnerships with big brands and Organizations as well.

How Did You And The Other Co-founders Come Up For The Idea Of Pass.Ng?

PASS.NG was born out of the urgent need to combat the high failure rate in all the major examinations in Nigeria. We had friends who  had been sitting for an examination like JAMB (UTME) for 3 or 4 years consecutively with no success! We knew we couldn’t wait to graduate from University before we find a solution to the problem; we had to start then. Plus we had technology to leverage, being Computer majors in the University.

What Is Pass.Ng Mission And Exactly What Gap Are You Guys Looking To Fill?

We want to reduce examination failure in Nigeria and Africa as a whole to the barest minimum using technology.
We also want to own the e-testing (CBT) space in Nigeria and in Africa.

What Impact Are You Looking To Have On Your Customers For The Next Ten Years?

For our typical users, we want to be a part of their academic success from pre-college stage through University and eventually when choosing and entering into chosen career fields. We have started this by offering scholarships and even internship to outstanding users who are now in top universities in Nigeria.

How Did You Guys Organically Grow Your Customer Base At The Initial Stage Without A Big Marketing Budget?

It was quite difficult at first. Initially we had to beg people to install and use the mobile app; going as far as buying data for prospective users before they can agree to install and use! But facebook Ads was very helpful in the early days. Since we have a good product, it was easy for people to recommend to friends and family.

What Keeps You Motivated On A Daily Basis?

The fear of failure and poverty. But most importantly, the need to solve problems.

What Is The Best Advice You Have Ever Received And How Has It Affected Your Daily Endeavors?

Cheap is expensive. That is to never find short-cuts or plastic solutions to challenges and problems. Such problems never really go away, they come back to hunt you! This has helped me to see the brighter side or big picture in all that I do.

What Is One Personal Trait Of Yours, That Has Helped You Become Successful With Pass.Ng?

Versatility! I am a designer but more! I design with Software and codes (UI/UX developer), I handle finance, Do public speaking,  plan and execute event and projects like a Ninja.

What Is Your Personal Definition Of Productivity?

Ability to produce great and quality work with as little effort and time as possible.

How Do You Deal With Times When You Aren’t Productive? Including Times Of Stress, Frustration, Or Disappointment.

These times comes a lot! But I try as much as possible to focus creative work on the most productive part of the day for me-which is the first 12 hours. I also try to get enough sleep daily and I meditate a lot as well.

What Advice Would You Give A Young Person That Is 16 Years Old And Wants To Be An Entrepreneur, But Doesn’t Know What Kind Of Business They Want To Run? How Should They Start Out?

My Advise is to find an interest and concentrate on it. It can be music, talk, art, programming, Body-building e.t.c. It is an interest that one invests time and effort in that becomes a passion! And your passion can make you money. So you can decide to build a business or a movement around it.

Where Can We Find Out More About You/Pass.Ng?

Website :

IG : official  and personal @imole_official

Twitter :  official @pass_ng  and personal @imole_official

Facebook : official   and personal

YouTube :


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