He was born in Senegal, West Africa and is currently the Key Account Manager at L’Oréal Professionel in London. An exceptional individual with a large heart for everyone. Having worked with the three main divisions of L’Oréal (Consumer Products, Luxe and Professional Products), he has gained a vast and incredible knowledge in the beauty industry and life in general. With regards to motivation, he believes everyone needs an uplifting spirit on a daily basis, to help block any negativity around us. And so, he uses any medium, which includes his social media pages to inspire and move people to the next level in life.

Can You Give Us An Insight Into Your Career At L’Oréal?
I began work at L’Oréal in June 2007 as a Marketing Product Manager in the Professional Products Division in France. In my first year, I gained field experience as a Sales Representative, with insights in the Hair Salon business. Then I joined Redken Marketing team in France where I was in charge of the Men range and the brand events, which led to my involvement in the Professional Product Division biggest events in France for 18 months including the L’Oréal centenary and the L’Oréal Professional Symposium in 2009 with the launch of INOA. Then between October 2009 to April 2013, I had worked with the Consumer Product Division as the International Marketing Product Manager and I handled the Professional range of Softheen Carson for Africa, Europe and USA. My tenacity towards more experience on the business side, led to my joining Travel Retail Europe in the Luxe Division between May 2013 to August 2016. I was Regional Manager for Lancôme where I managed 20 Sales and Training staff in the UK airports. It was an entrepreneurial role that equipped me to significantly grow Lancôme’s Travel Retail Business in the UK with double-digit growth for three years in a row and far above the market.

Since September 2016, I have become the Key Account Manager for L’Oréal Professionel in London in charge of the biggest clients of the brand.

What Was Life Like Growing Up In Senegal?
I was born in Senegal in 1982 and I grew up there until age of 12 before moving to Ivory Coast for a prestigious Military High School then later in France at age of 21.
Growing up in Senegal was very fun. I grew up amongst 3 older sisters, my dad (Magistrate that time) and my lovely mother (Mid wife that time). I had souvenirs of playing football nearly every day with my friends. I was also very serious at school and that was key for me. So overall it’s full of great souvenirs.


How Did You Handle The Racist Attitude Shown Towards You, When You Initially Got Into France To Further Your Studies?
I actually try not to remember that part of my life. Instead I will remember an amazing French culture, lot of great friends I have met in France and many incredible cities full of story.
I guess racism is ignorance and there are ignorant people all around the world.

You Decided To Use Your Social Media Pages In Uplifting The Minds Other People. Have You Always Been Wired To Think In A Positive Way Or Certain Life Experiences Pointed You Towards That Path?
“85% of our internal talks are negative”. Lot of people around us are negative. When you watch the news, it’s mainly about negative stories. To block this, you have to be strong. For me it’s even necessary if you want to succeed in life and live happily. Having said that, I have read books and listen to motivational audios a lot in these last years. Those people indirectly are my mentors and because they have taught me a lot I thought it was my turn with all modesty to inspire and motivate more people.

Was There Obstacles Within Yourself That You Had To Overcome?
We all have obstacles in life. For me that’s even the essence of life. And yes I had lot of challenges. I actually had failed more than succeeded. But all those challenges, personal and/or professional, have taught me a lot and made me the man I am today.


You Have Grown Into A Brand. What Is The Number One Quality That Truly Distinguishes Your Brand From That Of The Others? And How Has It Affected The People Involved In Your Everyday Life?
I don’t think I have grown into a brand. I would say I have grown up thanks to people. Indeed people make a brand, people make a business because we are into a people business. So I think many people have helped me to be where I am today.

Do You Meditate? If So, What Are The Benefits Of Meditating That You Experience In Regards To Being A Productive Leader?
I am a big believer of God. My religion helps me a lot as well on a daily basis. But it’s something personal that is key in my life. I guess we are all different and everyone has something that can lift him. For me it’s my own time with God.

What Does A Typical Working Day Look Like For You Right Now?
There is never a typical day. Every client is different so is every project.
I sum up my day with passion.


What Is The Best Advice You Have Ever Received From A Mentor And How Has It Affected Your Daily Endeavors?
I remember when I first joined L’Oréal, one of my mentor told me the most important thing was to focus on the actual job and make sure to do everything to deliver results instead of thinking systematically of the next step. Cause if we deliver to the current job, there will be always next opportunities. Best advice ever for me and I will say the same thing to many young people out there starting a new career.

What Is Your Definition Of A Thriving Continent? Do You Think Africa Fits Into The Definition You Just Talked About?
A thriving continent for me is a continent where people do not wait for their government to do things for them or for a better economical situation. I think that’s what people should do in Africa. Rely on yourself first. Make things happen for your country no matter what. Do not wait for your government to do things for you but make sure you go out there, work hard, take risks and get things done.

What Advice Do You Have For Young Africans With The Idea Of Migrating, Thanks To The Vision Of Making It Big?
It’s not about migrating. Some people are in Africa and they live much happier. So it’s about finding a passion first then having a project. It’s about having goals and a plan to make those goals work. If your plan is to migrate, then go for it. But first make sure you have the right plan and you will live happy at the end of the day.
I have been living abroad since age of 12 and I am 35 today. So it’s something that has worked for me but it requires lot of sacrifices and loneliness sometimes.

What’s The Best Way To Create A Flow For A Business With Products, In Regards To Ordering The Products And Creating The Profit?
It’s not about a product it’s about creating histories and have the right people behind. There is no perfect product business. But there are amazing stories, Marketing should be about telling stories. And mainly it’s about amazing people because like I said, people do the business and not a product.

Where Can We Find Out More About You?
LinkedIn = Papis Camara
IG = papis_cams
Facebook = Papis Camara


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