PATHWAYS TO UNCOMMON GREATNESS by Keynote Speaker, Life Coach, Peak Performance Consultant and Author Somto Mbelu. The book was brilliantly written in such a way that every reader gets to comprehend, take notes and review their personal goals for life. To say the book gives a mere mental shift, will be limiting it’s effect on the human soul. It motivates you to motivate others with your life’s work.
Here are some of the compelling lines from the book:

“The mind can be likened to a kitchen where thoughts and ideas are cooked before they are served”

“The poorest man in the world is the man without a dream. The most frustrated man in the world is the man with a dream that never becomes a reality”

“There is never a limit to how much you can succeed in life. It’s not late to live out your dreams. You can still build your own business, be your own boss, travel round the world and achieve your dreams in full”

“The road to a good place is not necessarily a good one”

“Problems are not meant to keep you down but to make you think”

“Successful people have a strong, steady and persistent purpose that moves through them. They don’t just look for instant and microwave result. They fight hard because they know that to acquire something without a price lowers it’s very worth and value”

“In reality, the principle that the tree is not in the forest but in the seed, is to me, one of the greatest principles in life…….every plant or animal possesses within itself the ability and potential to reproduce and to continue the propagation of it’s inheritance”

“We should strive to die empty, having used up every bit of our abilities, gifts, talents and purposes to make life better for others”

“The way you appear shows the kind of favour you attract”

“A pleasant personality can be attained by anyone who has the determination to learn how to negotiate his or her way through life without friction but with due objective of getting along peacefully and quietly with others”

“Life is not lost by dying; it is lost while alive, by minute by minute not invested”

“The tragedy of life is not what man loses, but that which he almost won……never let yesterday use up too much of today. Your ability to succeed in life is your ability to tie time with purpose”

“The world will call you what you call yourself”

The author worked on topics like; Dream Big, Walk and walk through, You’re almost there, Plans and ideas, Personality, Procrastination, Mentor, Never say never, Your imagination and wisdom tablets.

Be sure to get your own copy today!!!


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