One of the qualities of a great leader, is having the ability to discover a new path and the confidence to explore all the parts of it. And that is the reality of Mr Emeka Nobis.

He is a thought leader, life coach, author, business consultant, keynote speaker and so much more. He decided to quit his 9-5 engineering job some years back, and pursue his ideal purpose for living; enhancing the productivity level of other individuals. It has been more than fulfilment for him. He decided to share his experiences so far and also, a glimpse of his future aspirations.

Briefly Give A Description Of Yourself.

I spent ten years of my life working as a Mechanical Engineer for a multinational oil servicing company, after graduating with a second class upper degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2003.
During my years working there, I met individuals who were gifted but couldn’t come to terms with showcasing their gifts to humanity. That irked me so much that I found myself reaching out to help them. That fuels my passion till date.

I resigned from my job to focus on helping individuals who have a message to share with humanity, but are scared, doubtful and confused. I work with them to become exceptional by clarifying their messages, build a platform for the communication of their ideologies and to earn by establishing profitable business systems.

I do this primarily through writing, consulting, coaching and training interventions. Everyday I wake to the embrace of my passion to help individuals. I feel free. I feel liberty in my veins.

So far, I’ve coached hundreds of individuals, spoken at countless seminars, and written 4 books in all. The most recent of them highlights the entirety of my journey so far. It can be gotten for free by clicking

You Chose To Quit Your Job After 10 Years And Pursue Your Passion. What Were Some Of The Initial Challenges You Faced? And How Did You Overcome Them?

Firstly, I had the challenge of specificity. I didn’t want to be a wandering generality. To become meaningful specific, I had to hire coaches who exposed me to the nitty-gritty of the industry and the reality of the path ahead. That properly forged me mentally and emotionally for the journey ahead.

Secondly, my nuclear family challenged the validity of my decision to leave a so called noble profession as engineering to embrace writing and public speaking. I overcame that challenge when I proved that the new path’s earnings was valuable enough to take care of my family.

Third was the issue of trust in my brand. I had to be seen as a trusted brand that people can invest in. It was tough, but after two years, I began to have steady clients who could pay me for value that I was giving.

I kept giving value. And gradually, I had to break that mould. Today, I’m getting along greatly.

What Do You Wish You Knew Before You Launched Yourself As A Motivational Speaker And Thought Leader?

I wish I knew how to set up my systems and let them run automatically. That would have shortened my earning curve so that I could resign from my job earlier than I would have.


You Have Written Several Uplifting Books, And On The 27th Of January, You Launched Another One. Can You Give Us A Little Hint About The Book?

In 2010 I wanted to publish my first book. I approached Destiny Image in the United States. They told me that they don’t publish Africans, but I should write their sister company in Italy. I did.

By the time I got their proposal, my eyes popped out at the amount I was going to pay to have my work published. I knew traditional publishing entailed the publishing company taking on the financial requirements.

Guess what, they flushed that feature down the drain.


The simple answer they gave me was that I was a risk. They couldn’t risk putting their money down 100% to publish a newbie like me from the jungle of Africa. What lightened my burden was that they told me that they’d published Pastor David Ibiyeomie, founder of Salvation Ministries in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

I went to work and began to ask questions. Why are some people able to create massive engagement on their blog, their social media accounts, or their podcasts while others struggle to find a few hundred followers after
years of efforts?

Why are some authors able to grab the top slots as bestsellers, amassing tons of sales, while others are stuck with a room full of books they’re finding so tough to sell?

How do some consultants and public speakers command huge fees at speaking engagements such as $5000 – $1m for a 60-minute speech while others who are smart, savvy and qualified, still find themselves grappling to secure engagements?

I got the answers. Since 2011, I dug in my heels and began to find answers. What’s more, I began to get results.

The difference between the two categories is PLATFORM GROWTH. Yes, the people who are making the waves and having powerful impact have committed to building their platforms. That’s why I wrote GROW YOUR PLATFORM.

Is The Book Meant For A Particular Class Of People Or For Everyone?

It is meant for everyone who desires to grow influence via the sharing of their message to humanity.

You Have Grown Into A Brand. What Is The Number One Quality That Truly Distinguishes Your Brand From That Of The Others? And How Has It Affected The People Involved In Your Everyday Life?

I’m empathetic. I can say that’s my strength. I connect with people who
reach out or those blessed by what I do with my message. That’s an emotional bond that leaves me feeling appreciated and loved.

Love for humanity in what I do is my watchword.

Do You Also Invest Time Into Watching Interviews With Successful Entrepreneurs/Leaders, Learning Via Courses, Etc? If So, Any Recommendations On What You Have Found Useful That People Can Study To Help Them Be More Productive?

Absolutely. My work is purely 100% intellectual, so I continually invest my time in reading books and watching videos. I enrol into courses -online and physical. I hire coaches to train me to be better at what I do. I enrol into digital course online and I watch countless videos online to help my craft.

There are so many that I’ve come in contact with. However, if I throw general recommendations, I may be doing disservice to people. By virtue of my work as a coach, general recommendations don’t necessarily be the solutions. I’ll prefer to work with an individual and by assessing the needs, I make specific recommendations.

Aside The Book You Recently Released, Can You Share Some Of The Other Projects You Intend To Bring Forth This Year?

I’m working on 12 ebooks this year. I’ve released one already. The rest are paid ebooks. My intention is to test out the strength of my brand regarding patronage.

Secondly, it is to showcase to Nigerian writers that embracing the digital platforms available to them is very instructive if they want to grow their brands and earn remarkably.

Thirdly, I’m creating as many digital products as possible so that I can earn while I sleep and even when I’m on holiday. It’s a beautiful place to be.

What Is The Greatest Lesson That You Have Learnt In The Last 12 Months To Increase Your Level Of Positivity?

I’m on a journey and I will keep getting better and better as each day passes. That alone keeps me riding above the waves of despair and climbing the horse of positivity each day.

What Advise Do You Have For People Still Indecisive About Leaving Their Formal Jobs And Pursuing Careers They Are Truly Passionate About?

I’ll advise that they hire an exit strategist/coach who will help them prepare their transition plans and put everything into perspective before exiting. It helps to tone down the frustrations one may encounter after leaving a paid job.

Where Can We Find Out More About You?

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